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Keratin Hair Fiber Spray Applicator Hair Building Fiber Applicator Spray Nozzle

Keratin Hair Fiber Spray Applicator Hair Building Fiber Applicator Spray Nozzle

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▶Make Hair Fiber Powder Apply Accurately: The hair fiber applicator is specially designed for precisely apply the fibers into thinning areas.
▶Natural and uniform Effect: Hair fiber sprayer nozzle, allows the fiber to be evenly sprayed on the hair to be attached, the adhesion effect is better, and the appearance is better.
▶Long-lasting and Economic: A hair fiber applicator allows you to spray hair fibers very precisely, thereby saving fibers. Is an indispensable accessory for fiber powder lovers.
▶Easy to Use: Spray application atomization can be used repeatedly, and the use method is also simple.
How to use
1*.Put the nozzle on the fiber hole surface of the fiber powder bottle.
2*.Point the nozzle head at the hair area where the fiber powder is to be attached.
3*.Press the silicone pump with your thumb, the fiber powder can be sprayed out.

Heat conductor material: tourmaline ceramic
Temperature control adjustment: 7 sections
Applicable hair type: wet and dry
Diameter of the heat conductor: 31mm or more
Best modeling time: 1-2 minutes
Color: green
Number of segments: 7 segments
Rated voltage: 220v
Heating method: PTC heating
It will automatically power off after about 20 minutes of use

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