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Home Hanging Pear Shape Boxing Training Equipment Speed Ball

Home Hanging Pear Shape Boxing Training Equipment Speed Ball

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Product information: Floor to Ceiling Target ball

Material: imitation leather PU
Liner: Butyl liner.
Diameter: about 20cm
Accessories: air cylinder, hook
Net weight: 0.35KG, gross weight: 0.45KG
Features: Good synthetic leather and reasonable construction for added durability and functionality
Suitable for the crowd: boxing, Sanda, fighting and home fitness
This product contains two upper and lower rubber elastic ropes, which have been fixed when leaving the factory. After receiving the product, you need to
Self-inflating, use hooks to find a suitable position to fix both ends to use.

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Packing list:

Drawstring ball*1, Metal Air Needle*1, Plastic Air Pump*1, Safety Buckle*2

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