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Three-piece Painting HD Inkjet Canvas Frameless Core

Three-piece Painting HD Inkjet Canvas Frameless Core

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Product information:
Pattern: plants and flowers
Specifications: LY517 three-piece set (painting core frameless), LY717 three-piece set (painting core frameless), 29 three-piece set (painting core frameless), 395 three-piece set (painting core frameless),LY774 three-piece set (painting core frameless),LY465 three-piece set (painting core frameless),H027 three-piece set (painting core frameless),d440 three pieces (painting core frameless),LY596 three pieces (painting core frameless),ZS462 three pieces (painting core frameless)
Painting material: canvas
Material: canvas
Size: 20*25cm,21*30cm,30*40cm,40*50cm,40*60cm,50*70cm,60 * 80cm
Framework method: Frameless
Style: modern simplicity
Shape: rectangle
Category: decorative painting/hanging painting

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