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Neck Fan Mini Bladeless Fan USB Rechargeable Fan Mute Sports Fans for Home Outdoor Portable Hanging Fans Air Conditioner Cooler

Neck Fan Mini Bladeless Fan USB Rechargeable Fan Mute Sports Fans for Home Outdoor Portable Hanging Fans Air Conditioner Cooler

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Enjoy cool with peace of mind, quiet and low noise, high speed, low noise, stable and quiet operation
Blades, no curling of hair, solve the traditional fan hair problem and enjoy the coolness at ease
3 gears can be adjusted, one button can be changed at will, three gears of wind power, to meet daily needs, you can choose the wind power you want
Strong wind gathering, double wind power, each set of turbines has a dual-channel air intake design, which significantly improves the wind gathering effect, without worrying about hair being entangled
2000mAh, long battery life, 2-6H long battery life when fully charged, one blow at a time.

Power supply mode: USB
Specification: 223*190mm
Category: USB fan
Product features: hanging neck fan
Noise: 36dB or less
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Rated power: 1.5W
Rated frequency: 4W
Air supply method: turn page
Wind speed gear position: 3
Operation mode: mechanical
Speed adjustment gear: third gear
Shaking your headway: shaking your head up and down
Color: white green, pink, yellow

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Neck fan x1

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