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LaserPecker 2 450nm Portable Laser Engraver 600mm/s Super Fast Engraving High Accuracy Phone and PC Laser Engraving Machine

LaserPecker 2 450nm Portable Laser Engraver 600mm/s Super Fast Engraving High Accuracy Phone and PC Laser Engraving Machine

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Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: L2 Suit Version

Certification: GS

Certification: EMC

Certification: CE

Certification: EMC

Certification: ce

Certification: GS

Is Smart Device: YES

Product Model: LaserPecker 2

Color: Grey

Laser Power: 5W

Laser Source: 450nm blue Laser (Latest Compressed Spot Technology)

Engraving Area: 100*100mm(Basic) 100*2000mm(with the third axis)

Voltage/Current: 12V 5A/100-240V,50-60Hz(Input)

Package Weight: 4.6KG(Suit)

Package Size: 36*29*18cm(Suit)

Software: cellphone(Search LaserPecker in APP Store or google play)PC(Plz contact us)

File Formats: cellphone(Search LaserPecker in APP Store or google play)PC(Plz contact us)

App Connection: Bluetooth

Compatible: IOS9.0+/Android5.0+

Language: English/German/Japanese/Korean/Chinese

Materials For Engraving: Wood,bamboo,Paper,leather,drapery,plastic,acrylic,fruit,cake etc

Materials For Non-engraving: gold,silver,copper,iron,aluminum,steel,zinc alloy,titanium alloy and other pure metals and electroplated metals,stone, glass,crystal,White, transparent,reflective material white, transparent, reflective material

Materials for Cutting: Thin piece of wood/Paper(Non-white paper)/Leather with thickness less than 5mm

Wide applicability: Good for beginners, professionals, hobbyists, carpenters, bakers, leatherworkers, designers, handcrafters, craftsman, craftspeople, craft enthusiasts, modeling enthusiasts, DIY handyman , maker, artist and small businesses

Type 1: Laser Engraver

Type 2: Laser Engraving Machine

Type 3: metal Engraver Machine

Type 4: laser engraver kit

Type 5: laser cutting machine

Type 6: Laser Cutter Printer

Type 7: Portable Laser Etcher

Type 8: mini laser engraver portable

Feature 1: electrical tools

Feature 2: Woodworking Engraving

Feature 3: diy laser engraver

Feature 4: electrical tools


Q1:Customs& Duty

①Shipping from local warehouse:

no need to do customs,no tax for buyers.

local warehouse: BR/MX/RU/DE/USA

②Shipping from China :

Custom duty depends on your country policy. Buyers take custom duty (except France).

If you have question on declare value, please contact us.

Q1: What can LaserPecker 2 engrave

It can engrave on oxidized/painted aluminum metal, 304 stainless steel , dark glass, olored pottery products, wood, bamboo, leather, paper, fruit, food, part plastic, acrylic, stone, cement, bone, all materials with layers. Also, LaserPecker 2 can cut within 3mm wood(or things soft than wood).

Q2: Metal Engraving?

LaserPecker 2 can engrave on oxidized/painted aluminum metal, 304 stainless steel,but not other metal !!!!

And if you mainly want to carve metal, we recommend that you purchase our LP3 and click on this link to view:

Q3: Why we choose LaserPecker 2?

LaserPecker L2 is much faster than others because our galvanometer technology. And we are with a higher resolution. Portable style, easy to use and multifunctional engraving all worth its price. Wonderful design, phone/pc App control, gorgeous outlook and quality. Also, with the suit version roller, the engraving size can up to 2000mm*100mm, can drive like a car. Much better than those squared engraver.

Q4: We see those 15W, 30W engraver sell much cheaper, and LaserPecker only 5W. Why?

①Many post says 30w, 40w, actually is their input, not output. Many fake advertisement now. LaserPecker 2 is 60W input. 5w output. And even they are 15w output, they just conbine three 5w laser, because the max single power is 5w. They are with no technology and not safe.

②With our galvanometer technology, our 5W is even much faster than those 15w output normal engraver. And we are with a lot tech in detail, function and using. You can see our positive feedback is the top one in aliexpress, and you will know why those are cheap, and we are little more than others.

Description of LP2

Super Fast Engraving

The LaserPecker 2 Laser Engraver with the dual lens galvanometer technology makes this tool run super faster. 600mm/s (36000mm/min   max engraving speed, frame/graphic preview speed up to 3750mm/s.

Finer Details

The compressed spot of the LaserPecker engraving machine is as tiny as 0.05 * 0.05mm, smaller laser spot and double lens focus create more details to make your artwork more lifelike.

Plug and Play

No complicated assembly is required, allowing you to get started faster. Set up in seconds and start your handcraft projects. It works with Smartphone/PC connection.

4 Engraving Modes

Powerful APP

LaserPecker's independently developed programsupport Mobile and PC APPS

Good Ul and UX, Easy to UseMultiple Suggested Material SettingsFree and Update Periodically

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