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HOMFUN Full Square/Round Drill 5D DIY Diamond Painting "Animal tiger" 3D Embroidery Cross Stitch 5D Home Decor Gift

HOMFUN Full Square/Round Drill 5D DIY Diamond Painting "Animal tiger" 3D Embroidery Cross Stitch 5D Home Decor Gift

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Brand Name: Homfun

Pasting Area: Full

Frame: No

Use: Paintings

Form: Separate

Number of Colors: 30-45

Diamond Shape: Square

External Packaging: Colored Box

Canvas Packing Method: Rolled Up

Style: Modern Style

Material: resin

Pattern Type: Animal

Diamond Shape: Square/Round

Usage: Home decoration/Wall stickers/gift

About Diamonds: 100% full Square & R drill

Technics: High Quality Printing Machine

diamond type: 3D , 5D

Product quality: Good

Delivery speed: Fast


欢迎来到  Anna Store
店铺名称:      Anna Store(点击此处访问Anna Store)       
特征: 全方形/圆形钻石画 
适用范围:  家居/酒店/办公室装饰及礼品
颜色数量:   30-45种颜色  
关于钻:  100%全方/圆钻 
材质:  方形/圆形树脂钻石
图片尺寸: 任何尺寸都可以定制
关于框架:  无框架,在您完成所需的粘合到当地购买框架帆布包装:卷起,避免折痕
包装包括:  全钻金刚石,印花布,工具
6 (1)3
全  方形/ 圆形  钻5D DIY钻石画全部可定制



        The tools include dotting pen, tweezers, dotting cemeent, small bags, plate.   
1. Refer to the comparison table on the canvas to identify each diamond number and the corresponding printed number on the canvas.

2. Insert the round end of the dotting pen into the dotting cement (push hard to keep the cement in place).
3. Use the round end of the pen to stick a diamond and slightly press down to remove any extra cement.
4. Tear apart the partial film and place the diamond on the canvas according to the corresponding number.
5. If you stick a diamond to a wrong area on the painting, remove the diamond with tweezers.
6. After finishing, slightly press down the diamonds with your hand or a book to ensure that the diamonds are firmly attached.


     There is a video to show you how to complete this painting at the top of this page. And it can be seen only on computers. 

     And if you still worry about how to complete, you can buy a small painting to practice.

Diamond Supplement Service

We will resend you any diamonds that you may lose. 


Some Other Service

1. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. And we will reply in 24 hours except weekends.

2. If any problems comes to you, please don't worry. You can contact us first. We promise we will try everything possible to help you.

3. Please pay attention to the time difference between us. We work in China.


The Time Table of our Work time.

Time Zone             Working Time            
Beijing Time             08:30 to 17:30            
Moscow Time             03:30 to 12:30            
US Pacific Time             17:30 to 02:30            
Dutch Time             02:30 to 11:30            


About Shipping


Country             Usually arrive time            
Russian Federation             15 ~ 23 days            
Netherlands             12 ~ 15 days            
United States             14 ~ 19 days            
Spain             13 ~ 17 days            
France             13 ~ 17 days            
United Kingdom             10 ~ 13 days            
Ukraine             16 ~ 21 days            
Others             15 ~ 30 days            

1.We ship by AliExpress Standard Shipping, AliExpress Premium Shipping, China Post Registered Air Mail, SPSR, Pony Express and DHL.

2.Friends from Russian Federation need to provide the Passport Information when send by AliExpress Premium Shipping, SPSR and Pony Express. (The system will remind you automatically.)

3.If you don't receive your parcel after 30 days, we can refund if you want.

  1. Is the rhinestones round or square?            

    Full Square/Round Drill DIY Diamond Painting All can be customized 
  2. Is the diamond painting full or partial?

    Is Full Square/Round Drill DIY Diamond Painting
  3. Is the rhinestones enough?

    The rhinestones is enough. We put 30% extra diamonds in every bags of diamonds. And we provide Diamond Supplement Service. 
  4. About our diamond colors.

    The bigger the size, the more color.        
  5. What is the size of the painting?

    All size in our store usually means Picture Size
Our diamond painting are semi-finished, do not include frame. We will provide the diamond embroidery tools for your make. Although our products is not the cheapest, but the quality of our goods is the best! When you finish it, you can take pictures of your paintings and send it to us, we will share ti with other buyers all over the world.






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