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Home Landscape Decorative Rose Pot Lights

Home Landscape Decorative Rose Pot Lights

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Flower material: PU (scented)
Voltage: 3V
Power supply: 2*5 size batteries
Light source: high brightness LED light, LED lamp beads long life
Light source colour: warm LED (can also be ordered in other colours)
Inside box size: 30.5*10*9CM

Combining LED solid light source and high simulation plant, through the unique design makes the simulation flower scene has the new function of light source, gives the simulation flower a new life force. Flowers and light are the eternal pursuit of people from ancient times to the present day, our LED flowers are both elegant bonsai with the spirituality and naturalness of flowers; at night they are soft and comfortable flower table lamps, adding warm and romantic colors.

Due to the bright colours and vibrancy, in line with the low carbon requirements of modern life, LED flower bonsai are welcomed by more and more modern commercial centers, hotels, homes, villas, gift shops, bookshops, cafes, etc. Our products are mainly sold to North America, Europe and Japan and Korea, and the product design and quality are widely praised by foreign customers.

1. The flowers are high simulation feel, the pattern is clear and natural, wet and realistic to the touch, and has a fragrance, is currently the higher-grade simulation flower material on the market.
2. LED bulb long life, high brightness, safe to use, energy saving.
3. The shape is realistic and natural, simple and generous, bringing a sense of freshness and nature to the surrounding environment.

Packing list: Ambient Light*1

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