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Hip Trainer, Buttock Lift Massage Device Smart Fitness Exercise Gear Home Office, Portable U-Shape Butt Lifting Workout Equipment Gifts For Women

Hip Trainer, Buttock Lift Massage Device Smart Fitness Exercise Gear Home Office, Portable U-Shape Butt Lifting Workout Equipment Gifts For Women

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Product:  Buttock Lift Massage Device Smart Fitness

Applicable People: The hip trainer is suitable for people who are sedentary, lack of exercise, housewives, long-term driving, etc. It is light and compact, does not require strenuous exercise, and is easy to shape the buttocks.

Easy to Use: All you have to do is to fit the gel pads to your body and let them exercise your muscles.15 minutes per time, 2-3 times per Week.

Unique Design: The buttocks of this buttocks massager have U-shaped cushions, which perfectly fit the buttocks. You can use the buttocks massager for reading, watching movies, indoor fitness, etc., one-button fat reduction, simple operation, easy to create charming buttocks shape. Self-training at home, gym, and office. The ergonomic cushion design provides good adhesion to the buttocks.

Material: The electric buttocks massager is made of high-quality materials. When you are lying or sitting, you can tighten your buttocks at any time, without side effects, simple operation, better effect, light and compact, without strenuous exercise, and easy to shape the buttocks.

Note: Be sure to start the operation after sticking to the skin, first press the switch key (the switch key has two functions: 1. switch 2. enhancement), and then press the switch key 1-6 times continuously to start working.


1. It stimulates the hip line effectively. Release pressure and lift hip muscle.

2. Electrical muscle stimulation, the latest scientific and healthy fitness technology, send a signal to muscles directly to promote muscle movement, to help you achieve a more beautiful physique.

3. Just paste the backside Muscle Toner. You can tighten your muscles while watching TV, learning, etc.


Main Material Body: PET resin gel

Pad: Polyacrylamide

Glycerin Remote: ABS resin

EMS devices: 2 AAA batteries(not including)


1 x Main Controller

1 x hip Gel pad

1 x User Manual

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