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Hair Fiber Building Keratin Filling Concealer Powder

Hair Fiber Building Keratin Filling Concealer Powder

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1. Made of natural colored keratin with static electricity, the hair fibers are intertwined with your existing hair, showing a completely natural appearance. Windproof, rainproof, and sweatproof, but can be easily removed with shampoo
2. Using the most advanced technology to make hair instantly and restore the weight of the hair, just like real natural perfection, allowing you to feel the outstanding style, always confident, starting from the "scratch", full of a good life
3. The quality and efficacy of the fiber have been strictly evaluated and recognized. It is not a spray or cream, nor is it a wig-like hair attached to the hair, nor is it a hairdressing product that stimulates hair follicles, but a breakthrough invention of fiber. Has hair similar to organic keratin hair
4. Once the hair fiber is used, it is light, combing the hair or even wind, it is not easy to fall off, even if it is sweating, it will not be affected, and only with shampoo can it be washed thoroughly. If your clothes are stained with fibers, you can remove them with your hands. It won’t be completely stained with the collar shirt, so you can have a worry-free glamour.
5. If you can't see the hair behind, you can use your other hand to stand in front of the big mirror with a small mirror to get the position. When you get used to it, you may not need a mirror to be very skilled
6. Finish the last comb with your hair. It only takes 30 seconds to see the product working
7. The product is not afraid of heavy wind and rain, and can be easily removed, as long as it is washed with ordinary shampoo

1. Fill the thinner area immediately
2. Hide hair loss
3. Make fine hair look completely thick and full
4. Very suitable as a carrot modification between coloring

Product information:
Material: made of natural colored keratin with static electricity
Applicable hair quality: general
Shelf life: 3 years
Special purpose cosmetics: No
Function: hair

Net content: 27.5g, 50g, 100g

Instructions for use:
Blow dry and style your hair as usual
Shake hair fibers in thinner areas
Disperse hair fibers gently
If necessary, gently comb, comb or style the hair after applying the hair fiber

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