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Canvas Framed Unframed Painting High-definition

Canvas Framed Unframed Painting High-definition

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Product Information:
Material: pine raw material
Combination form: single piece
Painting core material: canvas
Number of frames: single frame
Decorative painting size: 50*70
Decorative painting process: inkjet
Specifications: painting core inkjet (special cross-border oil canvas), painting core + frame (pine wood inner frame) with painting core
Size: 10*15cm, 15*20cm, 20*20cm, 20*30cm, 30*30cn, 30*40cm, 30*45cm, 30*50cm, 30*60cm, 35*50cm, 40*40cm, 40*50cm, 40*60cm, 40*80cm, 45*60cm, 50*50cm, 50*60cm, 50*66cm, 50*70cm, 50*75cm, 50*80cm, 50*90cm, 50*100cm, 60*60cm, 60* 80cm, 60*90cm, 60*100cm, 60*120cm, 70*70cm, 70*100cm, 70*105cm, 70*140cm, 80*80cm, 80*100cm, 80*120cm, 90*90cm, 100*100cm, Picture core paper box, picture core paper box over 40cm

Packing List:
Canvas decorative painting x1

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