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2022 New 15 Degree Bend Car Cleaning Brush Car Wash Brush Chenille Broom Telescoping Long Handle Cleaning Mop Cleaning Tools

2022 New 15 Degree Bend Car Cleaning Brush Car Wash Brush Chenille Broom Telescoping Long Handle Cleaning Mop Cleaning Tools

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Brand Name: NarzrIe

Origin: Mainland China

Material Type: Sponges, Cloths & Brushes,Chenille Cleaning Broom Wash Brush

Item Length: 50-102cm

Special Features: car wash or home cleaning

Item Width: 15cm

Item Type: Sponges, Cloths & Brushes

Item Weight: 0.48

Choice: yes


Product Name: chenille curved bar car wash brush
Size: the first section is 59cm, the second section is 84cm, and the third section is 110cm
Material: brush rod (aluminum alloy), telescopic (lock ABS), brush plate (Engineering polypropylene), brush hair (chenille polyester)
Weight: about 0.47kg
Rotation angle: 90 degrees
Bending angle: 15 degrees
Scope of application: car washing / glass cleaning / indoor cleaning


Flexible Car Wash Brush:
The Car Wash Brush is flexible and can be rotated within 90 degrees for easy car washing. The 15-degree curved design reduces the possibility of accidental scratches.
Preferred Material:Made of a preferred aluminum alloy handle, the Car Wash Mop has exceptional durability. It is not easy to break and has a stronger bearing capacity.
Fantastic Car Wash Mop:The Flexible Car Cleaning Mop is fantastic for car cleaning. Car wash sponge mop heads work by trapping dirt and grime particles into the -wash fibers to collect them.
Wide Range of Applications:The Car Wash Mop can solve your different cleaning needs! It is great to wash cars, motorcycles, windows, dusting, kid's slides, and your home accessories!

Three section expansion
Only when the pole is really bent can it save effort
It doesn't hurt the paint, and the wet water is not heavy. It's clean after dragging
The whole rod is bent by 15°
More labor-saving / scalable / rotatable / easy to decontaminate

The brush lever is upgraded to save more effort in car washing
It breaks through the straight bar design of the traditional car wash brush and adopts the 15 ° bending design of the forearm of the brush bar

The Trouble Of Washing Your Car In Winter
Car wash in winter,it's too cold , frozen hands
Household gloves ,too thin and uncomfortable
Ordinary gloves are not waterproof and get wet easily

The brush is bent by 15 °, which saves more than a little effort
Compared to ordinary car wash brushes

Thickened aluminum alloy brush rod
Strong and beautiful, not easy to rust, lighter weight

Thickened pipe wall with strong bearing capacity
Thickened aluminum alloy inner wall,Upgraded and thickened, full of materials
Ordinary car wash brush compared with our curved bar car wash brush

Flexible rotation, fit the body
Built in rotary fixation, better fitting and use with the car body

The brush head is preferably made of strong water release material
Good water release effect, easy to dry, not moldy
The roller is sticky and not easy to fall off, and the wool will not fade after cleaning

Strong water absorption, easy foaming
Clean and easy to clean, convenient car washing
The car wash is faster when the brush head is increased by 50%

Removable brush head, easy to clean
Easy to disassemble and store
Fixed brush head:The arrow is aligned, and it's easier to twist it for better force

More labor-saving, making car washing fun
Clean the tires and the roof

Both dry and wet can be used for home and car, making life more comfortable

Different lengths to meet various cleaning needs

Exquisite and durable
Aluminum alloy brush,PP cotton handle,Engineering polypropylene,Easy fixation

Product photo: wash far, don't bend down
Cleaning your car saves time and effort

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