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1000ML/Bottle DTF Ink PET Film Transfer Ink For DTF Direct Transfer Film Printer For DTF Printing PET Film Printing And Transfer

1000ML/Bottle DTF Ink PET Film Transfer Ink For DTF Direct Transfer Film Printer For DTF Printing PET Film Printing And Transfer

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Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: For Epson R1800 R1900 R2000 R3000

Compatible Brand: Epson

Type: Ink Refill Kit

Product Name: Film Transfer Ink, DTF Ink

Compatible Printer 1: For All DTF Printer

Color: BK C M Y White

Volume: 1000ML/Bottle

Usage: Applicable To cotton, polyester, 50/50 blends, leather, nylon

Shelf Life: 12 Months

DTF Ink Base Information

Better know as DTF - Direct Transfer Film is a new technology that gives the advantage to any person to print transfers to decorate on cotton, polyester, 50/50 blends, leather, nylon, and more without the need to press A+B papers like in white toner printers. It can transfer to any material garments. And it is taking the T-shirt decorative industry to a new level.

Advantages of DTF ink

1. White ink has strong covering power and good whiteness;

2. The compatibility of white ink and color ink is good, and it can print white ink and color ink with larger amount without mutual penetration;

3. White ink and color ink are printed on the heat transfer film with high color density, no whitening, and bright colors;

4. After transfer, the hand feels soft, with good stretchability and resilience;

5. High color fastness to dry and wet rubbing, color fastness to washing, and fastness to perspiration (above level 4);

6. The small word print is clear, the powder evenly distributed on the ink, and the fastness is good.

Product Instruction


Product Name: DTF Ink, Film Transfer Ink

Color: BK C M Y WH Bottle

Capacity: 1000ML/Bottle

Shelf Life: KCMY - 12months WH - 6 months

Product Advange: Bright Color; Do Not Clog; New Improved

Suitable Printer

For All Modified Desktop DTF Printer For All Large Format DTF Printer

How To Achieve DTF Printing

1.Modify one Epson printers to DTF Printer, or buy a DTF printer from us. And prepare Hot Press machine, Hot press sheets, Oven, AcroRip9.03 software, and consumable kit (DTF Ink, Hot melt Powder, PET Films, Cleaner etc.)

2.Install AcroRIP software: - Turn off Antivirus - Download the AcroRIP 9.0.3 then Install - Exclude AcroRIP folder in Windows Defender Antivirus. - Download the Visual C++ then Install - Restart Computer - Insert USB Dongle - Open the AcroRIP White Ver.9.0 - Set-up settings and Start to Print

3. AcroRIP setting, such ink setting, Print color first and Color+White etc.

4.Printing. print color first, then white.

5.Powdering. shake the powder on the PET film, let the hot melt powder stick to the printed pattern, and then shake off excess hot melt powder.

6.Drying and melting. Put the film into Oven, adjust the temperature to 140-150℃, bake for 3-5 minutes. after baking, check if the melting is well.

7.Pressing. After checking that the melting is good, put the printed film on the prepared T-shirt, then put one hot press sheet on the film then pressing. The hot press temperature is 160-180℃, and time is 10-20 seconds.(About hot pressing sheets, we recommend using a Teflon sheet, parchment paper, or kraft paper. The Teflon sheet gives the print a Gloss Finish, Parchment paper gives the print a Semi-Gloss Finish, and kraft paper gives the print a Matte Finish. )

8.Take out the T-shirt and tear off the film. (All parameters are for reference only)

What's in Package

1PC Black: 1 Bottle 1000ml DTF Ink - Black

1PC Cyan: 1 Bottle 1000ml DTF Ink - Cyan

1PC Magenta: 1 Bottle 1000ml DTF Ink - Magenta

1PC Yellow: 1 Bottle 1000ml DTF Ink - Yellow

1PC White: 1 Bottle 1000ml DTF Ink - White

1 KG Powder: 1 KG DTF Powder

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